The Virtual Office’s Galileo Based Encrypter – VO GLOBE – uses a novel location dependent approach for incorporating location information into data encryption and transmission.

GLOBE allows the encryption of data as well as decryption for a specific location(s) or specific area(s) e.g. college campus area or in a particular building.

Constraints in time as well as velocity can also be added with respect to the location while encryption. Geoencryption can be used with both fixed and mobile applications and supports a wide range of data sharing and distribution policies.

The GLOBE’s concept is designed to take advantage of the Galileo differentiators, in particular while:

  • GLOBE will exploit the Galileo high accuracy positioning data through the use of dual frequency (L1/L5), which will be particularly useful within dense urban environments
  • Legacy location based encryption designs have significant weaknesses due to spoofing of the location signal. The GLOBE’s technology will make use of Galileo Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OS-NMA) version 1.0 and spoofing methods to trap fake GNSS both on the mobile and server side

VO GLOBE contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG 9; “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”
  • SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production”
  • SDG 16: “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”